Nov 4, 2020
Pam Nelson


A new Colchester-wide campaign has launched to encourage drivers to switch off their car engines while they wait at traffic lights, level crossings or outside schools, to improve their own health and help reduce air pollution in the town.

The campaign, CAReless Pollution, comes as research (1) shows 87% of local people are concerned about air quality in Colchester and 41% think the town is highly polluted.

CAReless POLLUTION, is urging drivers to adopt better driving habits and switch off their engines while waiting, in order to reduce the risks associated with breathing in polluted air. Research carried out by the University of Surrey has found that pollution inside a stationary car with the engine running is seven times higher than the air pollution outside the car (2).

Currently only 15% of drivers regularly switch off their engine when their car is not moving and 20% override their car’s automatic switch off technology (1). Switching off your car engine reduces emissions which brings an important health benefit to everyone inside the car and could save you money on fuel.

Leaving the engine running while sitting at the traffic lights or queuing in traffic is often an unconscious, careless action taken without any thought or attention to the potential harm it may cause to your own health or to the health of loved ones. The campaign aims to explain the link between exhaust fumes and poor health, to demonstrate that small actions like switching off your engine can make a difference to your own health and those around you. Air pollution causes the development of heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and lung cancer, all of which lead to reduced life expectancy.

Funded by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, CAReless Pollution will run until May 2021 and includes events in and around Colchester working closely with local schools and businesses to change people’s car driving behaviour.

For more information or to get involved in the campaign please visit:

(1) Clean Air Survey, Colchester Borough Council, October 2019 – January 2020
(2) Concentration dynamics of coarse and fine particulate matter at and around signalised traffic intersections, Kumar P. & Goel A.,
University of Surrey, 2016

Mar 2, 2020
Pam Nelson

2020 Vision: For a clearer road ahead

Business Time in Essex and the Essex Chambers of Commerce have teamed up to get businesses thinking about the best way to reduce traffic congestion: work remotely!

With technology improving it’s becoming easier and easier to work remotely, sometimes even using your own computer and phone.

Business Time in Essex are asking Essex businesses to aim to get 20% of their workforce working from home 20% of the week (that’s 1 out of 5 days). By doing so the hope is to reduce congestion on the roads, and with a workforce in Essex of 743,000 that’s potentially 60,000 saved every week and (are you sitting down?) 2,820,000 car journeys a year – just in Essex.

We fully support their initiative and agree that the solution to congestion isn’t to build more roads – it’s to have fewer cars on them.

Of course, you can also walk, cycle and get the bus if you’re so inclined and complimented by working remotely 1 day a week that’s a LOT of cars off the road!

Read the full article on the Business Times In Essex website


Feb 26, 2020
Pam Nelson

Ride to Work Week 2020

Get ready for Ride to Work Week 2020!

From 23-29 March 2020 we’re challenging you to get your colleagues riding to work. Already a regular rider? Register on Love to Ride to log your miles and win prizes!

For every ride you log over 10 minutes you’ll be entered each day to win a £600 local bike shop voucher, lights, gloves and more.

If you share your story of how you replaced a car journey with a bike journey you can even win a £1,800 Ribble e-bike!

Share with your colleagues and register today


Jan 15, 2020
Pam Nelson

Clean Air Day 2019 was a big success

Thank you from Clean Air Day

June might feel like a long time ago but we’re so pleased to share the successes of Clean Air Day 2019. Read the full report on the Clean Air Day Website.

250 official supporter organisations and 3,700 participating organisations took part in Clean Air Day last year, #CleanAirDay trended on social media providing 381 million opportunities for people to view and learn about air pollution. 3,800 Clean Air Day toolkits were downloaded. Over 2,000 news and broadcast items carried Clean Air Day stories, and most importantly 400,000 people experienced cleaner air at over 600 events ranging from school street closures and cycle commuting to traffic-free city centres and street parties.

Did your organisation take part? Make sure you share your story with Clean Air Day.

Download the full Clean Air Day 2019 report, and we can’t wait to get planning for Clean Air Day 2020 on 18th June…

Oct 14, 2019
Pam Nelson

Clean air for Colchester – be part of the change

Colchester Borough Council have been awarded funding from DEFRA for a two year behaviour change project to tackle levels of pollution in the borough. Through the project they will be working in partnership with residents, schools, businesses and community groups to raise awareness of air quality issues and encourage people to take action.

We know for example that small easy changes to driving habits, such as switching the engine off whilst stationary, can cut pollution by up to 30% – think how much cleaner the air will be with 30% less pollution!

They want to make the air we breathe cleaner – but they can’t do it alone. Please fill in our survey and share it far and wide to help us get a better understanding of what is currently known about pollution and the effect it has on our health and well-being. The survey takes no longer than 8 minutes to complete: Clean Air Survey

They have also joined up with a local people to produce this 2 minute film all about the air in Colchester – they would love to know what you think – join the discussion #cleanaircol

For further information about the project please visit If you have any questions or you would like the Clean Air Team to come and run an interactive session with your employees about the project please get in touch

Sep 24, 2019
Pam Nelson

Essex Walking Strategy Consultation

Essex County Council want to hear your views on the draft Essex Walking Strategy.

The draft Walking Strategy is a response to the challenges and opportunities of walking in Essex, it outlines in detail the steps being taken to encourage walking at present and the direction that will be taken in the future.

You can read the full Walking Strategy here

You can provide your feedback by taking the short survey on their website.


Aug 27, 2019
Pam Nelson

Walk the Talk – Sheepen Road

Working with some of our Travel Plan Club members in Sheepen Road we’ve produced a new lunchtime walking map, in the spirit of 2017’s Walk the Talk in North Colchester Business Park.

Walkers from Colchester Institute, Colchester Borough Counil and Aston Lark have mapped out three walks. They all start in Sheepen Rd and each take about 30 minutes to complete, meaning one lunchtime walk a day meets your recommended activity goal for the week!

Download a PDF of the maps to print out, or follow it on your phone.

Aug 20, 2019
Pam Nelson

#MeetYourMinimum – 30 minutes of activity a day

Did you know, the NHS recommends you undertake a minimum of 150 minutes of physical activity a week. That’s just 30 minutes a day Monday-Friday leaving you plenty of time to relax at the weekend!

30 minutes a day isn’t a lot when you think about it, that could be a walk or cycle to work, a walk to and from the bus stop, or just strolling with your kids to school. It all adds up!

We want our members to pledge to #MeetYourMinimum, and at just 30 minutes a day it’s easy.

Download our posters below and let your colleagues know

Aug 13, 2019
Pam Nelson

Job opportunity: Sustainable Travel Planning Officer

There’s an exciting opportunity to join the Highways and Transportation team at Essex County Council, find out more below:

Sustainable Travel Planning Officer  (21815)

Contract: Permanent

Working Hours: Full-time

Salary: Up to £26,000 per annum

Primary Location: Chelmsford

Closing Date (Period for Applying): 16/08/19

Job summary and Responsibilities
Over the coming years, the Highways and Transportation team will strive to modernise the service, specifically around leveraging value from technology and raising customer engagement.

The Sustainable Travel Planning Officer will be responsible for promoting credible alternatives to the private car through a menu of Travel Planning measures throughout Essex. Assisting with the co-ordination, development, implementation and monitoring of sustainable Travel Plans, both voluntary and those secured through the planning process, in line with relevant policies to encourage modal shift throughout Essex.

The role will champion sustainable travel initiatives, ensuring tenacious delivery of Travel Planning, innovation and excellent communication, applying these skills to deliver a wide range of sustainability-led projects.

Apply online

Aug 5, 2019
Pam Nelson

CTPC’s Pam receives Cycling UK award

Colchester Travel Plan Coordinator Pam Nelson was recently recognised by Cycling UK for her tireless commitment to promoting sustainable transport in Colchester.

Pam first got involved by chance when she noticed a sign for Colchester Cycling Campaign not long after she’d moved to Colchester 20 years ago.

Pam was awarded CTC Volunteer of the Year East Anglia in 2004, then went on to organise Colchester’s first ‘in town without my car’ day the next year and completed bikeability instructor training too. She’s subsequently set up Cycle Training East, revive the Colchester CTC group in 2010, and was Sustrans volunteer group coordinator from 2005-14.

Pam joined CTPC in 2014 and then helped set up Colchester Bike Kitchen in 2015. Still not finished, she arranged Cycling UK ride leader training in November 2018 for six of her Sunday riders. And most recently, working with Essex County Council, Pam helped to obtain funding for a two-year community-led street design project, which started April 2019 in Winstree Road, Stanway.

From Colchester Travel Plan Club we extend our warmest congratulations to Pam.

Read the full story on the Cycling Uk Website



Falling temperatures outside mean that car heaters are being turned up.
However, research for the Careless Pollution campaign reveals that some drivers are leaving their car engines running while stationary to keep the car warm.

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